Welcome to Black Lemons new Data & Automation Specialist, Viktor Lescenia

Three quick questions for the new (and cool) kid in class

There’s a new and fresh Black Lemon in the basket and his name is Viktor. Viktor is our new Data & Automation Specialist. Welcome to the team – we’re very happy to have you with us. In this article, you’ll get to know more about Viktor and his new role. What exactly does it mean being a Data & Automation Specialist at Black Lemon and more? Keep reading and you will know soon!

#1 Tell us a bit about you - who is Viktor?

I’m a Lithuanian-Russian, Copenhagen'er. I am very enthusiastic about IT in general and Data Science, AI & Data Visualisation in particular. When I don’t sit in front of a computer I like to go longboarding, bouldering and enjoy quality literature. A couple more things I’m highly passionate about: Education, psychology, martial arts and dogs.

#2 Your role at Black Lemon is Data & Automations Specialist, what does that actually mean?

I find scalable solutions to various problems. This means constantly asking yourself “will this work once we are 10 times bigger?” “Will maintaining this solution require more time as we grow?” Currently I’m involved in BI, data pipelining and marketing automation tasks. Outside of computer stuff I also try to contribute to the company culture, which is a very easy task as I’m surrounded by genuine, intelligent, energetic and fun folks at Black Lemon.

#3 If you could meet one person (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

Claude Shannon for sure. This man is one of the key contributors to building foundations of the information age we live in today. I would love to ask him how he envisioned the 2020's and hear his thoughts on the technological state of today’s world.

Once again welcome to Black Lemon - we can’t wait to get to know you better. Would you like to reach out to Viktor? Then you’re more than welcome to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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