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True Gum E-commerce platform
True Gum identity and design is razor sharp and shines through everything from packaging to online content. These ambitious designs sometimes compromised both speed and responsiveness on the old shop. Therefore, another focus was to bring the brand identity into the new shop, while balancing performance and design better.
Shopify / Digital Design / Marketing
We moved True Gum's webshop from Woocommerce to Shopify
The case

You'll find True Gum's colorful chewing gum packs around grocery stores and corner shops around Europe. But in 2021, True Gum also wanted to scale their B2C sales and therefore decided to leave their Woocommerce business behind. The solution to this was to build a platform for them on Shopify. Black Lemon helped them accomplish this in less than a month.


The business was facing a high bounce rate, where new potential customers left their webshop before an interaction was possible. This was due to a lack of loading speed. Therefore, speed on the new platform was a particular focal point. Besides speed, True Gum has a huge success in physical retail in the largest European markets such as France, Germany and Sweden. As a result, our main focus also included creating a new platform for sales, with the prospect of True Gum scaling even more.


Black Lemon helped True Gum transfer their website from WooCommece to Shopify, so they can easily manage their platform, without compromising their brand. We brought the brand identity into the new shop without compromising on their razor sharp identity and design, which shines through their packaging and online content.

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