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Try on - AR Technology
We made a breakthrough with our Try-On technology, in relation to giving the customers an optimal digital experience
Digital design / Development
We reinvented the mirror with Luxreaders AR-Try-On solution
Localized Experience
Conversion rate
The case

If you go to the market and look for reading glasses, you usually find them at physical retailers. Something Luxreaders wanted to change. The company was founded with the ambition to create a platform that would change the way we buy reading glasses. It was here we came up with the idea of bringing AR technology into the online shopping experience, to let the customers try glasses virtually on their own faces.


We implemented an HTML5 try-on module that turns your screen into a virtual mirror online, in real-time, via webcam. With this technology, Luxreaders customers now have the opportunity to explore near-unlimited options before making a choice as we integrated the module in universe, where you can easily swipe between the different models and find the perfect pair for your own face.


The result was a 4x conversion rate when people are engaging with the virtual try on. Besides that, 22% of returns are due to a product appearing differently in person than it does in a picture. We’re still improving the performance, as it has a huge impact on the business since the rewards are; improved conversion rate, reduced rate of product returns and a wow factor that makes you tell your neighbor about this new feature.

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