Mirror reinvented with AR-Try-On solution

Client: Luxreaders

Timespan: Dec 19 - Jan 20

Key focus: Increase conversion rate.


of shoppers said appealing product photos can sway their purchasing decision.


of returns are due to a product appearing differently in person than it does in a picture.


increase in conversion rate when interacting with the AR-Try On solution.

Mirror. Reinvented
We brought Augmented Reality technology into the online shopping experience to let your customers try glasses on virtually on their own face.
We implemented an HTML5 try-on module that turns your screen into a virtual mirror online, in real-time, via webcam. When searching for their perfect new pair of glasses, users can virtually try on frames as if they’re in front of a regular mirror. They have the opportunity to explore near-unlimited options before making a choice as we integrated the module in univers, where you can easily swipe between the different models and find the perfect pair for your own face. The result is 4X conversion rate when people are engaging with the virtual try on. We’re still improving the performance as it has a huge impact on the business as the rewards are improved conversion rate, reduced rate of product returns and a wow factor that makes you tell your neighbour about it.

"We have made a breakthrough with our Try-on technology in relations to giving the customers a optimal digital experience"

Frederik Thiele
Founder, Luxreaders

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