Moving Luxreaders from Magento 2 to Shopify Plus

Luxreaders started in 2018 with a Magento 2 platform, but due to a need for faster on-site shopping experience, a more stable hosting and a shorter time-to-market for new features and shopping concepts, a migration to Shopify was obvious.

Multi-store setup with local stores

All stores in are 100% localized with translated content, local currency and local payment methods as well as shipping methods.

International marketing setup

The stores are connected to local Google, Facebook and email marketing channels, providing users with a 360* localized experienced.

Ready for international scale

The multi-store setup is ready for a fast and sound international scale and since go-live we already added two more markets.

Moving the reading glasses industry from physical to digital
The optical industry has been highly driven by physical retail at gas stations, supermarkets and optician stores. This called for a change. We helped Luxreaders not only to built a fast and simple online store, but also to launch some extra features for the digital shopping experience; an augmented reality based “Virtual Try On” and an online styleguide in product quiz format, where customers can get help and inspiration to find their new style of reading glasses.

Virtual Try On

We previously implemented Luxreaders’ Virtual Try On feature, making users able to try the glasses from their own device at home and find their preferred shape and color before ordering.

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